The Ties That Bind Us

It is the hope that kills you.....


Player Contracts: Not Worth the Paper they’re Written On….

Every team has been in the position Liverpool Football Club find themselves in currently. Held ransom by one of their top players who has a silver-tongued demon as an agent. A contract offer on the table which is more than ample in the terms it offers - and yet, the aforementioned player has cards in … Continue reading Player Contracts: Not Worth the Paper they’re Written On….

The 20th St Totteringham Day

Originally posted on Goonersphere. Twenty years. A fifth of a century. Seven thousand, three hundred days. All of this time, our malformed neighbours have dwelled in the vast darkness caused by our shadow. This would normally be enough to snuff out what twisted day to day existence they have. but instead, the lack of vitamin … Continue reading The 20th St Totteringham Day

The Jenkinson Quandary

Originally posted on Goonersphere. When Carl Jenkinson decided to ply his trade in East London for West Ham United this season, most Arsenal fans realised that he made this choice with one eye on returning to his beloved Gunners as a far improved player. It isn't exactly a well kept secret that Jenkinson is a … Continue reading The Jenkinson Quandary

Is Santi Irreplaceable?

Originally posted on Goonersphere. It would seem that conversations surrounding the beautiful game make up the lion's share of my contact with fellow humans. Any other topic is given short shrift as my attention interminably wanders towards football once more. It matters not if I'm involved in dialogue with colleagues, Managers, family or infuriating customer … Continue reading Is Santi Irreplaceable?

Welbeck – A Fleeting Purchase?

The acquisition of Danny Welbeck brought with it a heady mix of emotions.With expectation running high following a spending splurge pre-season and our first choice striker Giroud crocked - Gooners expected a flagship signing to fill an Olivier shaped hole in our team. Many names were bandied around, with Edinson Cavani the most ludicrous. The … Continue reading Welbeck – A Fleeting Purchase?

Alexis & Özil – A Lamborghini & A Yacht.

Originally Posted on Gooner Fanzine The purchase of Alexis Sanchez has been a complete success for Arsenal. His haul of 18 goals from 31 starts was responsible for seeing us through an injury crisis that supped at the marrow of our bare bones and also steadying a ship that was in danger of capsizing thanks … Continue reading Alexis & Özil – A Lamborghini & A Yacht.

Beware the False Herald…..

Originally posted on Goonersphere It would seem that the media got a little carried away with our defeat at the hands of our dear neighbours. Not only did they get to see us being taught a lesson by our rivals but they also got to see their next pedestal-warmer. Harry Kane. I may be criticised … Continue reading Beware the False Herald…..