The Ties That Bind Us

It is the hope that kills you.....


The Wise Choice….

Originally posted on Goonersphere. The hazy days of his summer holiday that would take on a golden hue upon recollection as a daydreaming adult - had been and gone. What replaced those halcyon times was the unmistakeable smell of new pencilcase. Shiny new backpack. Last years 'Ben10' bag was now being used to contain mum's … Continue reading The Wise Choice….

Sterile England Take Verve out of Football

The England Management position is perhaps the most toxic and vilified seat in football. This mantle has seen the decline in many a Gaffer's stock over the years. With hindsight, most have been warranted. With a spotlight brighter than any floodlight and with every scribe coming equipped with the most powerful of magnifying glasses to … Continue reading Sterile England Take Verve out of Football