​The Ever-Changing Football Boot

A new advanced football boot is coming, and this is the scoop. Interviewed is the man behind this latest football development....


Beware the False Herald…..

Originally posted on Goonersphere It would seem that the media got a little carried away with our defeat at the hands of our dear neighbours. Not only did they get to see us being taught a lesson by our rivals but they also got to see their next pedestal-warmer. Harry Kane. I may be criticised … Continue reading Beware the False Herald…..

Giroud and Sliding Doors….

Set your mind back to the glorious win Vs Aston Villa. It's far easier to do than to reminisce on a defeat. The haze of a convincing triumph adds a layer of protective varnish on memories, making them far easier to recall. This particular 3pts was a virtual highlights reel for our attacking players, with … Continue reading Giroud and Sliding Doors….

Little Mozart – If you Love Football then you Love Rosicky.

The cavernous arena reverberates the continuous hum that is emanating from the masses. The very same masses that have gathered to watch a genius at work. The man who would lead his enraptured audience on a merry dance enters the fray and is greeted with raucous cheer. The symphonies that he has created in the … Continue reading Little Mozart – If you Love Football then you Love Rosicky.

Our Striker Shootout

Originally posted on Goonersphere.  Everyone loves a Western. The dusty, sun-baked ground, the ramshackle buildings blasted by the harsh conditions. Horses whinnying in a wordless whine. The organist at the local watering hole playing an endless string of gabbering melodies that paper over the cracks of the miserable existence the denizens of this godforsaken place … Continue reading Our Striker Shootout

Vic Groves – A Tribute.

Originally posted on the Online Gooner Fanzine. First of all, this isn't meant to be an in depth look at Vic Groves's career at Arsenal. No, I'll leave that to people much better than me to do that and do the great man justice. This is a tribute to the values he upheld and the … Continue reading Vic Groves – A Tribute.

The Importance of the Skippers Armband

Memories of your favourite footballing moments normally involve a triumphant derby or a victorious team with a Cup held aloft. I give you permission to activate nostalgia. Cast your mind back to your own favourite. As I type I'm now at Wembley and the team have climbed the stairs to finally get their hands on … Continue reading The Importance of the Skippers Armband

Arsenal C.S.I

Originally posted on Goonersphere The brash journalist had put noses out of joint in the past. It was this very attribute that would make obtaining the story of his career that bit more difficult. He wouldn’t let that stop him though. He had risen to the top of sports broadcasting for good reason and with … Continue reading Arsenal C.S.I

Stamping Out Stamping – Time for Punishment.

The League Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg featuring Chelsea and Liverpool brought to the fore an issue that has pestered Professional Football for too long, rearing its petulant head with unwanted regularity. No, not the Stevie Gerrard Fan Club. The problem is stamping. With Diego Costa's 'challenge' on Martin Skrtel came a wish from the … Continue reading Stamping Out Stamping – Time for Punishment.

Krystian Bielik – Polish Prodigy or The New New Bischoff?

Originally posted on http://www.Goonersphere.com Now that the infernal hullabaloo over the transfer window has ended and Jim White's Ketamine stash has been emptied for another 6 months, we can take a look at our additions. With all the frothing surrounding Gabriel & his move to shore up our backline, you could be forgiven for forgetting … Continue reading Krystian Bielik – Polish Prodigy or The New New Bischoff?