The Junior Gunners Membership Warning

Supporting Arsenal should come with a warning......


Little Mozart – If you Love Football then you Love Rosicky.

The cavernous arena reverberates the continuous hum that is emanating from the masses. The very same masses that have gathered to watch a genius at work. The man who would lead his enraptured audience on a merry dance enters the fray and is greeted with raucous cheer. The symphonies that he has created in the … Continue reading Little Mozart – If you Love Football then you Love Rosicky.

Our Striker Shootout

Originally posted on Goonersphere.  Everyone loves a Western. The dusty, sun-baked ground, the ramshackle buildings blasted by the harsh conditions. Horses whinnying in a wordless whine. The organist at the local watering hole playing an endless string of gabbering melodies that paper over the cracks of the miserable existence the denizens of this godforsaken place … Continue reading Our Striker Shootout

Arsenal C.S.I

Originally posted on Goonersphere The brash journalist had put noses out of joint in the past. It was this very attribute that would make obtaining the story of his career that bit more difficult. He wouldn’t let that stop him though. He had risen to the top of sports broadcasting for good reason and with … Continue reading Arsenal C.S.I