​Giroud Haunted By Arsenal Ghosts

Olivier Giroud takes a lot of stick, but Arsenal's strikers have big shoes to fill.....


The Museum of the Beautiful Game

Those moments of skill that remind you what football is all about - they can all be found in the Museum of the Beautiful Game

Unknown History 2 – Thierry Henry

Seeing as Thierry Henry chose the age of social networking to display his fine wares on the football pitch - most will claim to be aware of his story. Truth be told though, little is known of the true origin of perhaps the greatest player to ever don the Cannon jersey. Until now. I delved … Continue reading Unknown History 2 – Thierry Henry

Ex-Gunner Pundits – Don’t Expect Bias

Originally posted in the Gooner Fanzine. Thierry Henry's residence in the Sky Sports studio was originally met with optimism within the Gooner network. Amidst the stale diatribes of Graeme Souness, the obtuse observations of Jamie Redknapp and the poor enunciation of Jamie Carragher - the world of punditry wasn't blessed with likeable or agreeable personalities. … Continue reading Ex-Gunner Pundits – Don’t Expect Bias

The Wealth of Experience Waiting to be Utilised

The day had finally arrived. The monotonous morning routine took on a distinctly more exciting task as every bead of moisture that poured from the shower head carried nine o'clock ever closer. Breakfast - which was set by the dieticians at the club - was hoovered down. The dishes, normally fastidiously packed into the dishwasher … Continue reading The Wealth of Experience Waiting to be Utilised